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  • Nicholas Sambrick

Embracing the Past: The Rise of Trendy Antiques

Collecting and displaying antiques is a richly rewarding pursuit, allowing us to connect with the past and preserve our cultural heritage. The beauty of the antique world is timeless, and like all things, there are trends in old things too. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the current wave of trendy antiques adding a touch of elegance to modern homes.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A trend that shows no sign of fading, mid-century modern furniture (from the period of 1930-1969) continues to captivate antique enthusiasts. The clean, sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic echo an era that championed simplicity and functionality. Anything from coffee tables and iconic chairs by designers like Eames and Knoll, to teak dining sets and sideboards, are highly sought after.

Vintage Vinyl Records

With the resurgence of vinyl records, vintage LPs are growing in popularity, especially those from iconic bands and artists of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Collecting records is a wonderful way to combine the love for music and antiques, and it hits the nostalgia button, hard!

Art Deco Pieces

Art Deco, a style that originated in the 20s and 30s, is experiencing a strong revival. The dramatic and bold design aesthetics of this movement with its geometric patterns and metallic finishes offer a luxurious touch to any space. Art Deco styled mirrors, lamp stands, and vases are currently creating a buzz in the antique world.

Antique Coins and Stamps

Amid the digital revolution, a renaissance of collecting antique coins and stamps is on the rise. This hobby provides fascinating insights into our global history and cultures, making it a unique antique trend. These small pieces tell grand stories, and collectors worldwide are seeking out such narratives.

Vintage Farmhouse Décor Items

Like a breath of fresh air, vintage farmhouse décor items are blending seamlessly into the modern rustic decor trend. From weathered wooden furniture to old farm tools and antique kitchen utensils, these items add romantic rural charm to urban homes, reminding us of simpler times.

Antique Jewelry

Vintage and antique jewelry always has a place in the trends list. Designs from Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau eras, along with styles like Bohemian garnet jewelry, cameo jewelry, and marcasite jewelry, are finding their way into the spotlight.

In the dynamic world of antiques, collecting is more than a hobby. It's a journey into the past, filled with history, craftsmanship, and artistry. Each item is a testament to its period and holds a charm that transcends generations. As contemporary trends ebb and flow, the appeal of antiques remains, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

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